The Sorcerer’s Conquest receives five-star rating from Readers’ Favorite

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Mikkell Khan’s first book in The Enixar Fantasy series, The Sorcerer’s Conquest, has received a five-star rating on Readers’ Favorite.

Readers’ Favorite, also known as the “Best website for Authors”, is one of the most prominent author review websites on the internet. It is a fast-growing website featuring books written by authors from all over the world. To get a five-star review is a huge achievement for Mikkell, whose books have been received positively, both on Readers’ Favorite, Amazon and on other platforms.

The Enixar: The Sorcerer’s Conquest Synopsis

A sorcerer king, his wise advisor, and a young woman hiding her growing powers race to find an ancient power once thought lost.

The power to control the universe… or to destroy it.

Gudrunn, entrusted with one of three magical artifacts, amplifies his terrifying power and quickly elevates to become the sorcerer king of the planet Gramadon. He seeks a rarity still protected by its people, even from him: an unhatched Dragon egg just waiting for the next dragonrider.

Meriaus, native to the planet Gramadon, believes he can guide the sorcerer king to make the universe a better place. Yet, the power of the Enixar soon twists his master’s mind. No one can stop him… no one except his trusted advisor.

Amadalia loves her grandfather, the sorcerer king who believes in her and understands her true potential: the potential to inherit his throne. Training in secret proves to be her best weapon in the battles to come.

The five-star review

Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

The Sorcerer’s Conquest is book 1 in The Enixar series, a fantasy epic by Mikkell Khan. King Gudrunn isn’t content with the vast Gramadon Empire he acquired using the influential Enixar magic. Gudrunn now wants an ancient dragon’s egg which has been guarded by the Silent and Spiritual Monks for thousands of years. Possessing the egg would give him supreme domination. He sends his emissary, Lord Meriaus, to cajole the monks into joining his monarchy. Their refusal only infuriates the king and Meriaus becomes distrustful of his intentions towards the holy men. Amadalia, Gudrunn’s unfeeling granddaughter, begins her sorcery training with him, unknown to anyone. If she passes his test, then he will have another secret weapon to use when the time is right.
I enjoyed reading this absorbing fantasy by Mikkell Khan, a remarkable writer. The story will catch your attention from its good beginning, and the ending is suspenseful as the drama continues in Solitude of Sin, book 2 of The Enixar series. Lord Meriaus, Gudrunn and other characters are well defined and unforgettable. It really has a good twist so I was impressed with the surprises the author had in store. The visuals I got from reading were clear, consistent, and fast paced. There is a bit of graphic violence and the book is intended for young adults, but adults will definitely enjoy reading this fantasy epic too. The Sorcerer’s Conquest from The Enixar series comes highly recommended. Mikkell Khan is an author whose writing has caught my interest.

Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

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