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Entropy’s Allegiance (Magic of The Old Arts Book 1)

Marked by tragedy after tragedy, the young king’s hope for a brighter tomorrow is all but gone.

Not long now before an evil force from out of the darkness finally comes to his Kingdom’s doorstep, decimates his defences and prepares to snuff out his one last light — these three loyal guards, versed in the magic of old arts, left with little more than their armour and swords to try and stop them…

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Epic Fantasy Readers!

Meet Mikkell K Khan

Mikkell Khan is a fantasy, science fiction and business author. When he isn’t writing, he spends his time sailing between the islands of the cool Caribbean region and exploring the world for more ideas.

He believes that stories should be shared with those who will appreciate them most, so when he’s not writing or exploring new worlds, Mikkell loves to share his work with fans of both genres alike.

He has a strong belief in giving all audiences an experience they won’t soon forget – whether it’s through thrilling action sequences or emotional moments that leave you thinking about what you just read long after turning the last page, Mikkell strives for this goal with every story and novel he writes.

mikkell K Khan author

Choose Your Adventure

Check out some of our choose your adventure stories. Prequels for the first in series stories that I have written and produced. Experience the story through the eyes of one of the characters and guide them to either their victory… or their demise. Get the ‘best’ ending for the story, and gain a prize at the end of each one of the Choose Your Adventure Experiences!

Entropy's Origins

Follow the story of a young Terazar as he investigates a disturbance in the mages quarters on a pensive night’s watch.

Entropy's Origins

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The Other Side of Conquest

Before Meriaus, there was once another in the counsel of Gudrunn who disagreed with his rule. Assist Xevan, Amadalia’s father, in navigating the conniving political landscape of the world, and without risking his life, his family or his beliefs.

The Other Side of Conquest

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Short Stories

Check out my short stories where you can explore different worlds, planets and even realities. Short but compelling pieces of work that keep the boredom away and the excitement high while immersing yourself in an amazing new world!

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Cyborg Awakening

Todd believes he is a normal human child who finds himself in the middle of an alien abduction when he has to fight for his life and his mothers. Nothing can prepare him for the world he is about to enter as the youngest living Cyborg.

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