the circle armor by verena boodoosingh

The Circle Armor by Verena Boodoosingh

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the circle armor by verena boodoosingh
The Circle Armor By Verena Boodoosingh (A Science Fantasy Epic)

The Circle Armor is a science fantasy inspired by the great myth of Atlantis, the epic of the Mahabharata, and the legends of the Anunnaki alien civilization. The Circle Armor transports the reader to an advanced ancient civilization where truth, loyalty, and courage are the keys to saving this ancient world.

The Circle Armor tells the story of intergalactic explorers who crash-landed on Earth thirteen thousand years ago and established a settlement.

A few decades later, a galactic war broke out, threatening the peace and prosperity of the newly founded city on Earth. In response, a humanoid alien race joins forces with a human race possessing metaphysical powers to create a protective shield over Earth. When Earth becomes embroiled in an intergalactic war, a pandemic suddenly wipes out the supernatural beings after the shield is installed. With no communication signals reaching outside or inside for over a century, Earth remained undetected by the universe, and peace reigned. At least until the day mysterious cosmic messages bypassed the shield’s protection.

Amid unexplained disappearances, a solar storm, and rebel attacks, three protagonists follow their calling to uncover an ominous revelation about their world. Will they come together to defeat the chaos?

Science and magic merge effortlessly, revealing the power of believing in oneself.

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