how I wrote and published in two months and so can you with this helpful information

How I wrote and published in two months (and so can you)

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It’s no secret that writing and publishing a book can be a daunting task. It can take months, or even years, to write a book and get it published. But what if I told you one could write and publish a book in just two months? Believe it or not, it is possible – all you need is some dedication and the right tools.

If you’re thinking of writing a book, read on! It may surprise you at just how easy (and fast) it can be to write and publish your own novel. Here’s a rough guide on how I did it:

I used Publisher Rocket to do research on topics that would be profitable and had a large audience. It checks out information on Amazon and Google based on your queries. This process took an hour as opposed to five hours when I did it without the app a few years ago. You can get Publisher Rocket here to try for 30 days.

Once I had my information, I planned my stories, and I wrote an average of 500 words a day. This allowed me to have a finished manuscript in less than the two months. Some days I wrote more, and some days I wrote on my phone when I wasn’t on my devices, but this was my minimum threshold. I focused on putting the words on paper and turned off my self editor so I wouldn’t doubt my process.

For those who are not streaming typists like myself, you can use narration or voice to text software to get your writing done. You have, which is an app that gives you 600 minutes of speaking for free. More than enough time to get your ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ out to get something great on paper. It even includes punctuations so you don’t have to say disruptive things like ‘period’, ‘comma’ or ‘exclamation point’ (which I dislike doing).

Another option for voice to text option is to use so you can record everything on your device of choice, such as your cell phone, and then send it to them to transcribe for you in usable text within a day or so. It costs about a dollar a minute, so this would be great for people who can be concise with their speaking but hate to type. (Special thanks to Steven Taylor for bringing the suggestion of voice to text up. He’s recently completed his manuscript of his upcoming book and is in the editing process within two weeks of doing this!)

I used an app called Prowritingaid to self edit the manuscript. Whilst it does not replace a human editor, it works pretty well for basic corrections, pacing and sentence structure. You can check out ProWritingaid here (Get 20% off with code honey20).

I created the cover using Canva. They have the correct sizes needed for ebook and paperback for all the online booksellers and professionally prepared fonts and layouts. Perfect for those who want a great looking but simply put together cover. You can try out Canva here for free here.

I used Vellum to format the ebook and paperback. It is pricey, but if you plan to do a lot of publishing; it becomes worth getting a copy. There are other alternatives on the market, but I prefer the speed and compliance of bookseller standards that Vellum provides. Learn more about Vellum here.

Vellum is currently only available for Mac OS. If you don’t have a Mac computer, you can use a cloud system such as Mac In Cloud, which provides you a virtual machine accessible via your browser or your Windows desktop. It even has a copy of Vellum installed so you can register it with your license code once you purchase it!

I sent the final version to my advanced reader team, whom I communicate with using Mailerlite.

They would read, let me know any mistakes or suggestions, and provide reviews on different bookseller platforms (Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub). You can join Mailerlite and get up to 1,000 subscribers on their free account here.

Finally, I uploaded the completed book on Amazon, Google and other booksellers using Draft2Digital, to keep things simple and to get the book on many platforms at once.

By the way, if you would like to get a copy of the published book, you can get it on my website at,

If you have questions about publishing your own book, reach out and send me an email at

You can also check out my Hot Author Tools that can assist you in your own author journey, as it has in mine. 

Hot Author Tools is a publishing system that will help you from start to finish – from writing, to editing, to publishing, and even marketing your book. Not only does it make the publishing process easier, but it’s also fast and affordable.

So, If you’re thinking of writing a book, now is the time to do it! With the right tools and advice, you can have your book written and published in just a few months. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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