You pivot in midair, an aura of lightning crackling all around you.

“Oh, well done son! Well done indeed!” says Gudrunn jubilantly, “And I never even suspected!”

Gudrunn seems almost ecstatic at this development. He looks at you, visibly impressed and radiating satisfaction.

“This is everything I have ever wanted in a son!” he says with enthusiasm, “Power, and the will to use it!”

“Now my child, let me show you the true extent of your power! There is still so much that you have left to learn about our abilities – and about what must be done!”

“Kill him!” Liara shrieks, “He killed Jareth! He burnt him alive!”

You look from your father to Liara and back again.

“Why should I learn anything from you?” you ask him, “I already know of the Enixar!”

“The Enixar?” he laughs, shaking his head, “It is merely a tool! You have so much left to learn young one – and I am the only one who can teach you.”

You are unsure of how to react, fearing that this could be some sort of trick, but if he speaks truly…

What do you do?

>> Kill him! [ Chapter 03 ]

>> Join him.[ Chapter 09 ]