You tilt your head curiously at Lord Gudrunn.

“If you have so much knowledge of the Enixar,” you say, “then why is it-“

Midsentence you fire a bolt of lightning at him that knocks him into the far wall, mere feet from where Ceassia and Amadalia are huddled. The pair of women scramble away as quickly as they can manage, as a second, and then a third bolt rocks Lord Gudrunn’s form. The fourth lightning bolt is deflected and scorches the stone ceiling before arcing into the couch and setting it ablaze.

An invisible force wraps itself around your neck, strangling you.

“Insolent fool!” Gudrunn spits at you, rising to his feet. He snarls, and the pressure on your throat tightens – only to dissipate a moment later as a heavy wooden cabinet smashes into him!

You fall out of the air, but manage to land on your feet and begin launching objects at him from all angles – chairs, plates, chandeliers, even the burning couch! Gudrunn grunts in pain as the larger objects impact with him. Suddenly, as a particularly heavy table flies towards him, an explosion of green flame expands from his position – blasting the objects back and setting most of the suite ablaze!

You manage to conjure a shield of shimmering blue light in front of yourself, just in time to avoid being knocked back, but then fall flat on your face as a beam of force hits you in the back.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Amadalia and Ceassia pick themselves up off the floor and flee out into the castle. A shrill feminine voice shouting obscenities at Gudrunn lets you know that Liara has elected to remain.

You roll aside and another beam of force craters the floor where you lay a moment before. Climbing to your feet, a glancing blow from another beam knocks you aside. You manage to turn your head just in time to see Gudrunn disappear in a flash of green light.

He reappears to your left and raises his hands, but you conjure a barrage of lightning strikes that arc out in all directions around the room, forcing him to teleport once more.

Liara shrieks as lightning bolts miss her by inches.

The Sorcerer King reappears right next to you, torrents of green flame pouring from his hands. He watches as the fire engulfs your body and you fall to the floor, screaming in agony. Lord Gudrunn cackles madly while pouring flames into your convulsing form.

Then his head comes off.

You reappear, floating behind him with your palms outstretched around the spot where his neck used to be, lightning still crackling between your fingers. The illusion of your charred body on the floor dissipates as you gather blue flames in your hands and sear your father’s remains to ash.

Liara falls to her knees, tears streaming down her face, her hair and clothes smoldering, silently gazing up at you in reverent awe.

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