Slowly, you allow your lightning to dissipate, and lower yourself into a kneeling position on the floor before Lord Gudrunn.

“No Xevan!”

The cry surprises you because it comes not from Liara, who has fallen to her knees and is watching on in silence, but from Ceassia.

“Xevvy! What are you doing? He is-“

Her words abruptly cease as your father makes a gesture and the three women are removed from the room in a flash of green energy.

You look up at him, and a grin slowly spreads across your face.

“Teach me, my lord.”

Together, you descend to the hidden chamber of the castle with your father and stand before the Enixar once more.

This time, there is no doubt or hesitation as you stride right up to the ancient artifact and place both your hands on its shimmering surface.

An expression of utmost joy creeps onto your face as the secrets of the universe begin to flow into you.

“Yes my son,” says Gudrunn triumphantly, “now, at long last, we can fulfill our destiny…”

Restart and Get Another Ending: [ Chapter 01 ]