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  • The Enixar Book Series Volumes 1 - 3

    The Enixar Book Set Volumes 1 – 3 : An Epic Science Fantasy Adventure


    Sorcerer King Gudrunn rules Gramadon with an iron fist, crushing all who oppose him through the dark and powerful magic of The Enixar.


    Corrupted by the ancient artifact, Gudrunn’s thirst for conquest cannot be satisfied – but when his lust for power leads him to commit one atrocity too many, even his closest advisor Meriaus is forced to take action against the king.


    But Meriaus is not alone in this ambition – and like sharks tasting blood in the water, when one man sees an opportunity to claim the throne of Gramadon, others are quick to follow.


    Only by taking the hand of the God-King’s own granddaughter Amadalia can Meriaus hope to bring peace and prosperity to the universe – but this brilliant young sorceress has ambitions of her own, not to mention magical powers she’s kept secret since childhood. Together, they make a formidable alliance – but are they formidable enough to stand against a power-mad God-King seeking an ancient power that could tear the very universe apart?


    Discover for yourself in The Enixar Volumes 1-3 – the complete series of YA fantasy novels by Mikkell K. Khan. This collection includes The Sorcerer’s ConquestHail to the Queen, and Solitude of Sin – which together combine to form a sweeping, beautifully-crafted fantasy trilogy that spans generations, sees loyalties tested and bonds betrayed, and could ultimately lead to the fate of an entire universe resting in unlikely hands.


    What readers have said about The Enixar series:

    “…held me captive in this mystical, imaginary world.”

    “Female protagonists! A plus!”

    “An epic fantasy filled with intrigue.”

    “…hard to put down.”

    “A must read!”

    “An action-packed fantasy adventure.”

    The Enixar Volumes 1-3 is fast-paced, utterly immersive, and full of twists and turns that will appeal to fans of John Flanagan’s The Ranger’s Apprentice, Garth Nix’s The Old Kingdom, and Kim Harrison’s The Hollows.

  • the enixar hail to the queen book 2

    The Enixar: Hail To The Queen (The Enixar Book 2)


    Lord Gudrunn, the great and powerful sorcerer King is defeated. His granddaughter Amadalia serves as the queen, ruling side by side with Meriaus, the same man who stopped him.

    The people of Gramadon are restless, rumors of dissension are rampant as Amadalia joins her house with Meriaus to bring unity to the realm but deep in the shadows lurks a threat to throne.

    Exiled nearly forty years prior to the carnivorous swamp of the Malf Forest, Kolani, daughter of Gudrunn plots her attack to seize the throne. Driven by a lust for power and with the help of the dark arts, she will stop at nothing to rise again and take back the power of the throne which she believes belongs to her.

    With the help of her powerful spellcaster Vahan and his brother Ragamenon, Kolani sets out to turn the followers of Gudrunn against Amadalia and Meriaus, take control of their armies, the castle, and take back what is hers, control of the Enixar and her rightful place as Queen to the Throne.

    But as time marches on, dark secrets are revealed, trust is broken and bonds are formed between unlikely allies. Will Kolani destroy everything in her path, consumed by power or will she see the potential of a future where she and Amadalia can defeat Meriaus once and for all and live in true harmony?

    This is an interquel instalment of the ongoing series, The Enixar. This book is intended for a young adult to adult readers. It contains some graphic violence. This book does not contain explicit sexual content.

    The Enixar Series:
    Book 1: The Sorcerer’s Conquest
    Book 2: Hail To The Queen
    Book 3: Solitude of Sin

  • the enixar solitude of sin book 3

    The Enixar: The Solitude of Sin (The Enixar Book 3)


    With the Enixar locked away and last uprising trounced sixteen years ago, Sorceress Queen Amadalia and King Meriaus struggle to rebuild peace on the planet Gramadon. A rebel force defies the King’s orders and embraces dangerous ancient magic, fortifying their strongholds against the King’s legion of dragons. The rebel force kidnaps Queen Amadalia and her daughter, Athena, sending the princess into a terrifying spiral as she’s forced to use her deadly magic for the rebels.

    Athena, princess of Gramadon, has lived a happy yet sheltered life. She’s beloved by the country folk and the rebels believe her to be their only chance at bringing true peace to the Kingdom. She’ll discover her mother’s true colors and the ancient power in her blood that’ll test her with temptation and power.

    Stable boy Ruil Golen finds himself on a rescue mission to retrieve the Queen and Princess, all thanks to his emerging wizardly healing abilities. Falling in love with Athena is a complication he shares with the rebel leader and will prove to be his downfall when he’s forced to choose between the betterment of planet Gramadon or the desires of his own heart.

    THE ENIXAR: SOLITUDE OF SIN is book 3 in the epic science fantasy series The Enixar. Prepare yourself for epic battles with wizards and dragons, ancient gods of magic, and the never-ending fight for the Enixar that’ll end in betrayal that turns a powerful family against one another. Get your copy today!

    The Enixar Series:
    Book 1: The Sorcerer’s Conquest
    Book 2: Hail To The Queen
    Book 3: Solitude of Sin

  • the enixar the sorcerers conquest book 1 of the enixar series

    The Enixar: The Sorcerer’s Conquest (The Enixar Book 1)


    A sorcerer king, his wise advisor, and a young sorceress hiding her growing powers race to find an ancient power once thought lost.

    Giving the wielder the power to control the universe… or to destroy it.

    Gudrunn, entrusted with one of three magical artifacts, amplifies his terrifying power and quickly elevates to become the sorcerer king of the planet Gramadon. He seeks a rarity still protected by its people, even from him: an unhatched Dragon egg just waiting for the next dragonrider.

    Meriaus, native to the planet Gramadon, believes he can guide the sorcerer king to make the universe a better place. Yet, the power of the Enixar soon twists his master’s mind. No one can stop him… no one except his trusted advisor.

    Amadalia loves her grandfather, the sorcerer king who believes in her and understands her true potential: the potential to inherit his throne. Training in secret proves to be her best weapon in the battles to come.

    The Enixar – The Sorcerer’s Conquest is a dynamic introduction to an epic fantasy series you won’t be able to put down! Complete with a strong female protagonist, Sorcerer King, complex characters and political intrigue, this series dives into the core of Epic Fantasy and Science Fantasy that readers will love.

    If you are a fan of John Flanagan’s The Ranger’s ApprenticeGarth Nix’s The Old Kingdom, or Kim Harrison’s The Hollows, then this is for you.

    Scroll up and get your copy for the epic fantasy experience you can’t put down!