The Enixar: The Solitude of Sin (The Enixar Book 3)


With the Enixar locked away and last uprising trounced sixteen years ago, Sorceress Queen Amadalia and King Meriaus struggle to rebuild peace on the planet Gramadon. A rebel force defies the King’s orders and embraces dangerous ancient magic, fortifying their strongholds against the King’s legion of dragons. The rebel force kidnaps Queen Amadalia and her daughter, Athena, sending the princess into a terrifying spiral as she’s forced to use her deadly magic for the rebels.

Athena, princess of Gramadon, has lived a happy yet sheltered life. She’s beloved by the country folk and the rebels believe her to be their only chance at bringing true peace to the Kingdom. She’ll discover her mother’s true colors and the ancient power in her blood that’ll test her with temptation and power.

Stable boy Ruil Golen finds himself on a rescue mission to retrieve the Queen and Princess, all thanks to his emerging wizardly healing abilities. Falling in love with Athena is a complication he shares with the rebel leader and will prove to be his downfall when he’s forced to choose between the betterment of planet Gramadon or the desires of his own heart.

THE ENIXAR: SOLITUDE OF SIN is book 3 in the epic science fantasy series The Enixar. Prepare yourself for epic battles with wizards and dragons, ancient gods of magic, and the never-ending fight for the Enixar that’ll end in betrayal that turns a powerful family against one another. Get your copy today!

The Enixar Series:
Book 1: The Sorcerer’s Conquest
Book 2: Hail To The Queen
Book 3: Solitude of Sin



“The kidnapping of the Queen Amadalia and her daughter, Lady Athena, by the rebels, heightens the already tense situation between them and King Meriaus. This story is about power, strong emotions, deception and love. Ancient lineage, magic and power drive people to do unimaginable things. This story is not always black and white. There is a lot of grey. Not all good people are completely good and not all the bad are completely bad. What all the characters go through during the “kidnapping” change their viewpoints of life. A great book!” ★★★★★

“I could not put this novel down until I finished it. The world building is awesome and the storyline riveting. Mikkell has started a series that will engross the audience for a long time to come. Waiting impatiently for the next installment.” ★★★★★

“A reluctant hero roped into rescuing the wife and daughter of his king. The question is, is he up to the challenge. A fun action packed read that will keep you hooked.” ★★★★

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