The Enixar: Hail To The Queen (The Enixar Book 2)


Lord Gudrunn, the great and powerful sorcerer King is defeated. His granddaughter Amadalia serves as the queen, ruling side by side with Meriaus, the same man who stopped him.

The people of Gramadon are restless, rumors of dissension are rampant as Amadalia joins her house with Meriaus to bring unity to the realm but deep in the shadows lurks a threat to throne.

Exiled nearly forty years prior to the carnivorous swamp of the Malf Forest, Kolani, daughter of Gudrunn plots her attack to seize the throne. Driven by a lust for power and with the help of the dark arts, she will stop at nothing to rise again and take back the power of the throne which she believes belongs to her.

With the help of her powerful spellcaster Vahan and his brother Ragamenon, Kolani sets out to turn the followers of Gudrunn against Amadalia and Meriaus, take control of their armies, the castle, and take back what is hers, control of the Enixar and her rightful place as Queen to the Throne.

But as time marches on, dark secrets are revealed, trust is broken and bonds are formed between unlikely allies. Will Kolani destroy everything in her path, consumed by power or will she see the potential of a future where she and Amadalia can defeat Meriaus once and for all and live in true harmony?

This is an interquel instalment of the ongoing series, The Enixar. This book is intended for a young adult to adult readers. It contains some graphic violence. This book does not contain explicit sexual content.

The Enixar Series:
Book 1: The Sorcerer’s Conquest
Book 2: Hail To The Queen
Book 3: Solitude of Sin



“The story itself was great. I found myself wondering what would come next when I had to put it down to take care of other things. It was easy to see their world in my mind which, to me, is everything in a book. I found myself sympathizing with each of the characters, and surprised by some 😀 Definitely worth the read.”  ★★★★★

“It starts off with quite a bang, and then a proposition/plan that had me guessing as to whether or not it was going to work and wanting to know how it was going to unfold. I thought the writing was pretty good and a nice amount of descriptions and character development to help me picture the scenes and people. The pace and plot moved nicely. All in all, it is a fun read!” ★★★★

“The story is solid with a good plot and more complex characters than I was expecting. The title and cover is actually what grabbed me, so tip of the hat to that.” ★★★★★

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