Jareth, you think as his screams rend the air, he just did what any man would do… what I would do-

Suddenly, you spring to your feet, your body reacting without conscious thought, ready to do… something – anything!

Someone in the crowd sees the motion and tears her gaze away from the grisly spectacle. As her eyes meet yours you recognize the long-familiar face of Jareth Aincroft’s wife, Liara. Her tear-streaked face shakes from side to side, as she locks eyes with you, her hand making a calming motion in your direction.

Sit down you stupid boy!” she seems to be saying.

You know her usual vibrant, jovial mannerisms well. Always laughing and poking fun. Always ready to lend a helping hand in any way she can. Looking at her, you can’t help but feel as though she will never smile again…

What do you do?

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