“No!” you say to yourself, “This is wrong!”

You take a step towards the tall figure at the edge of the platform in front of you.

“Sit down! Now!”

You hear the command not just with your ears, but within your mind as well. Almost everyone present immediately has their knees buckle, falling backward to land on their rumps. Cries of fear and confusion erupt from the crowd. Only Jareth’s Executioner and you remain on your feet.

Jareth continues to writhe against the chains, screaming in agony.

Motes of light begin to appear around your clenched fists as you gather all your force of will and command your legs forward. You manage to take one step forward, then another.

Your right leg buckles and slips out from under you. Your knee hits the wooden planks of the platform with a jarring crash. Pain shoots through you and lightning arcs from your hands, scorching the wooden platform beneath you before dissipating.

Marshaling your will, you focus on forcing your body to obey you. As you rise once more an invisible force clamps itself around your neck, jerking it backward and upward until you are suspended a few feet above the platform.

You try to protest, to scream, to beg.

All you can manage is a weak gurgling sound as the unseen force constricts your neck even further. Black spots encroach on your vision.

Your last sight in this world is the blurred form of Liara Aincroft running towards you…


Restart and Get a Better Ending: [ Chapter 01 ]