The tales say that Lord Gudrunn appeared out of nowhere 80 years ago – almost like some mythological creature. The power he wielded had been extraordinary – impossible to stand against. He slew men by the dozen with a mere gesture. His glare razed villages to the ground. He could be in the west in one moment, then suddenly appear in the north in the next.

It had not taken long for him to bring Gramadon and the surrounding kingdoms under his control. Soon, places further afield had begun pledging their fealty to him voluntarily rather than waiting for the devastation that came with being conquered by The Sorcerer King.

Still, despite knowing all that… you cannot allow your failure to stand. Jareth’s death must be avenged!

“My father is extremely powerful,” you say slowly, as ideas swirl through your mind, “but my own power is growing, and more importantly – he has no idea that it is!”

“Xevvy, you cannot face your father directly! Surely you will be killed!”

“Oh? Perhaps… perhaps not, we shall see…”

Ceassia looks at you with grave concern.

“Xevvy,” she says seriously, “Do not let your vengeance blind you. Your quest is important – this land needs help – but you cannot be reckless! Realistically speaking, no one can do anything about Gudrunn.”

What do you do?

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