You decide that no matter the risk involved, Gudrunn must be eliminated, and Shimran along with him! You and your family will never be safe so long as that tyrant and his mad dog are allowed to rule!

That night, you head into your private study, locking the door behind you. There, you spend the rest of the night focusing, meditating on the source of the light from your recurring dreams – The Enixar.

Years ago, when you were just barely a teenager, your father had taken you down to the secret vault under the castle in which he housed the ancient artifact. There he had instructed you to commune with the legendary device as a test of your natural affinity for the magical arts.

Unfortunately, the raw power of the Enixar had proven to be too much for your nascent abilities to handle. Disgusted by your failure, Lord Gudrunn had then erased your memory of that night in order to keep the artifact’s existence a secret.

For years you had believed that you had no magical ability whatsoever. However, since Amadalia’s birth almost 16 years ago, you have been having a recurring nightmare about the incident – eventually realizing that it was not a dream, but a memory.

Over the years, the dreams had become more frequent, and their real-world effects more prominent, leading you to realize the truth. Thus began your long, arduous quest for understanding, control, and power. This secret was kept between yourself and Ceassia, with both of you taking great pains to conceal your activities from your daughter.

You had quickly learned that uncontrolled magic was both dangerous and unpredictable. As a result, you had been trying to grow your abilities slowly, focusing more on control, than on gaining power. Though you had sensed the Enixar’s presence in the castle soon after you had started training, you were reluctant to draw from it, lest it overwhelm you once more.

You have come far in your practice over the past week. Already, you have learned to manipulate small objects from afar, using only your mind. Still, you are aware of how little you truly know of magic. You have barely skimmed the surface of what the artifact can truly do, but you also worry about taking on more power than you can handle or somehow alerting your father to your scheming…

What do you do?

>> Continue to draw on the Enixar’s power. [ Chapter 19 ]

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