Holiday Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories


Holiday Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories Volume 1 by Mikkell K Khan

Join Santa as he delivers presents and fights off aliens,

Save your world with superpowers that are purely elements of the Holidays,

Or even summon the powers of a magical wreath order to fight evil of the land!

Mikkell K. Khan has put together a fantastic collection of holiday-themed science fiction and fantasy stories.

If you’re looking for a break from the everyday, this is the perfect book for you! Step into a world of adventure, mystery, and magic.

Over 20 different stories to read and experience which include,

  • The Secret of the Wreath
  • The Blessed Bell of Gerig
  • The Canes of Shifter Hills
  • A Blue Dove’s Birdsong
  • The Eve of Fire
  • A Gift The Day After Christmas
  • Strike of the Sabien Lights
  • Lantern of Clementine
  • Old Queen’s Ornaments
  • Gift of the Great Wolf
  • Lucilla’s Gift of Christmas
  • The Christmas Robot Claus
  • Attack on Christmas
  • The Last Evergreen Tree
  • Last of the Feygas
  • A Mutant Christmas
  • One Peculiar Christmas Training Day
  • Gift of the Mythril Core
  • Kindness for Third Christmas
  • Last Temple’s Fall
  • The Race That Keeps on Giving

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