May Giveaways, Sales and Specials (May 15th 2021)

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Hey there adventurers, 

I hope you have been having a good month so far. I have some specials for you along with some great news on my books that have recently gone wide (in more store than just Amazon). 

They are now available for purchase directly from me through the Mind of Khan PayHip store. When you buy the books from there, you get an epub copy that can be read on any phone, kindle and ebook reader, and you also get a discount for sharing it to your friends and family. 

What’s more, you can also get a nice preview of all my books, even the latest ones, so you can take a read and get into the story. 

Take a look at all the selections, the different stores (including PayHip) and the free previews available for  your delight at my official website store.

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