You take a few moments to compose yourself before descending the platform and approaching Liara Aincroft. Steadfastly, your eyes avoid the ruined husk attached to the iron poles, preferring to gaze down at your feet as you walk.

As you near the edge of the crowd a hoarse, gruff, yet familiar voice calls out to you and guilt stops you in your tracks.

“Haven’t you done enough, High Inquisitor?”

It is the voice of Jareth’s father. A voice you are well-familiar with, though usually it carries far less anguish. The emphasis he places on your title cuts you to your core.

You risk raising your eyes to look at the man and see him struggling to physically support his daughter-in-law. Liara seems to have collapsed and is barely conscious at this point. You take a step forward intending to help, but Jareth’s father actually growls at you and you back off slowly.

Others in the crowd begin to close ranks in front of Liara, staring daggers at you. Many of them you have known by name at least for most of your life…

With no other course available, you decide to head back to the castle.

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