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  • The Peaceful Mind

    The Peaceful Mind: Finding Balance within your Emotions, Caring for your Mental Health and Recreating Yourself From Within


    The Peaceful Mind:Finding Balance Within Your Emotions and Caring For Your Mental Health, and Recreating Yourself from Within

    Andrew thinks that his life sucks. He has received three queries in the office in the past three months and another one could mean indefinite suspension. However, he does not know what to do. Everything just seems to be coming down on him at the same time. As he left the office that evening, he decided to take the LA Metro Rail heading home. Highlighting at the Union station near downtown, Andrew boarded a bus but stopped about five streets before his home. He then decided to take a walk the rest of the way.

    The thought of going home also did not sound appealing to Andrew. He is sure to meet a not-so cheerful wife who has lost her enthusiasm for everything. He couldn’t also stomach seeing their only child, Jason still in his deplorable state, health-wise.

    Life for Andrew and Janet has been so uneventful for the couple in the past four years now. A sick child whose condition seems to defy medical solution, Janet’s recent loss of job due to regular absenteeism to cater to their sick son and now Andrew’s ever-mounting problems at work. As he walked, Andrew assessed the current situation in his life. As a Sales Executive, the figures have not been looking so good in the past four months and the Marketing Manager can’t stand the situation anymore. Now, his job is on the line. “Phew! So what’s the way out of this whole mess?” Andrew asked himself!

    Part of Andrew’s story reflects a lot of people’s reality out there. And having a higher emotional intelligence can help you address some of the issues that make you feel like you are stuck in life. Agreed, emotional intelligence will not resolve a critical health situation and more but with a more balanced emotional state, you can get every other aspect of your personal and corporate life back in shape.


    This book, on Emotional Intelligence, exposes some of the underlying principles that can help you become a highly effective and emotionally mature person. It also incorporates actionable steps and workbooks to use in improving your emotional intelligence to becoming the person of your dreams.

    Are you ready to begin your journey to self-discovery?

  • want more customers read this book customer acquisition and sales

    Want More Customers? Read this Book!


    Want more customers? Read this book! goes through reasons of why persons buy from successful businesses and how you can put your business in that stratosphere.

    In this book, you’ll learn,

    • Lead Generation Systems
    • Massive Exposure to the Right Clients
    • How to Become an Expert in What You Do
    • Staying Top of Mind with your ideal customers
    • How to find your customers, Online and Offline.

    You can stop worrying where your next customer is coming from, or if they would even be a good fit, once you employ the practices in this book.

    DF Studios and Mikkell Khan bring to light changes that any business can make today to get them a constant supply of eager, higher paying and returning customers.

  • want to learn digital marketing, read this book

    Want to Learn Digital Marketing? Read this Book! : Get an in-depth Understanding of Digital Marketing and Advertising for Your Business


    Are you ready to increase your sales through the power of digital marketing?
    Would you like to learn strategies that can get you those goals quickly and efficiently?
    Even if you aren’t the most versed in marketing?

    Then this book may be just what you are looking for…

    With billions of people around the world actively using digital technologies on a daily basis, every marketer and business owner knows that digital marketing is something that they should be doing. The problem, however, is that digital marketing is a broad topic, and therefore, most of them do not know how to go about it. Where do you start? Which digital marketing strategies should you use? How are you even sure that they will work?

    This is where this book comes in. This book covers five of the most effective digital marketing strategies and techniques that you can use to quickly expand the reach of your business, attract customers, grow your business, and go head to head even with your biggest competitors, even if you have a limited marketing budget. By providing you with an easy to read step by step guide to utilizing these techniques to market your business, this book takes out all the guesswork and guarantees you that everything you are doing is going to work.

    Here is some of the pearls you will learn in this book

    • How to use digital marketing for your business’ success
    • How to establish yourself as a brand through blogging quickly
    • How to take advantage of SEO for free traffic
    • How to tap into the power of social media to grow your business
    • How to drive high ROI with email marketing
    • How to partner with influencers for success
    • And so much more quick, actionable strategies.

    Now are you ready to learn how to grow your business quickly and efficiently, regardless of the nature and size of your business, your marketing objectives, or your marketing budget?

    Grab yourself a copy of Want To Learn Digital Marketing? Read this Book! and get ready to gain the knowledge you need to boost the trajectory of your business!