Hey Writer!

No more procrastinating, soon you’ll be able to write anytime and anywhere!

But first, let me ask you a serious question, 

Do you wish you could complete your writing? 

Be a competent author in less time than you think?

Without the feeling that you are making excuses, don’t know how to put down your thoughts together properly, or getting dreaded writers’ block?

As a writer, procrastination is my number one enemy. It’s so easy to get caught up in the distractions of everyday life and push writing to the back burner. But procrastination doesn’t just affect writers – it can affect anyone who has a goal or a dream. 

It’s that feeling of having a great idea in your head but not being able to express it the way you want to. It’s getting so frustrated with the obstacles in your way that you feel like giving up.

I’ve been there, and trust me, it’s not a pleasant place to be.

Sometimes I would succeed and other times I would fail…

Being an author is definitely a lot of ups and downs, as I can attest to. I’ve had times where I’ve written something and it’s only taken me a few weeks because I was so inspired and committed to it.

And then there are other times where I’ve procrastinated on projects for months because I wasn’t sure if what I was writing was good enough.

In fact, the worst thing I ever did for my creative juices was have the idea for my fantasy novel years ago and only recently getting around to publishing it.

Even with the readers that I did get from it, I still feel that sense of procrastination, not knowing if what I’m producing is good enough or what else I can do to make the experience even greater for them. It would cause a negative feedback loop.

I tried writing courses, I bought writing books, anything that could help me keep a good pace to ensure I wrote on time, and also wrote something great all the time. 

Whilst it did help sometimes, it wasn’t really solving the issue for me. 

I almost felt like this is just how it would be.

However, it finally happened…

I found the perfect solution for me.

It’s working so well I’ve been using it for almost a year.

At first I was skeptical of how it would work and if it would be able to work with how I wrote.

Every author has their own style and with that, their own way of getting things done.

Surprisingly, after using the solution a few times, its been a blessing to me and I can’t see how anyone after using it could continue without it.

It increased my writing tenfold, began to follow my structure and dare I say it, has been one of the best assistants in this industry that I’ve found.

If you’re an author struggling with organization or just getting ideas down on paper, I urge you to try this solution.

It’s helped me immensely and I know it can do the same for you.

I can say goodbye to procrastination, and hello to creativity and producing, because of it.

Discover Jasper: The Only Writing assistant you will ever need

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  • Become a better author with Jasper the Writing Assistant by your side. Write your book in half the time for twice as much profit!
  • Jasper Helps You Write Persuasive Facebook Ads, Posts, Emails so that you can market and sell your books quicker and easier. It’s one of the best ai writing assistant softwares out there.
  • Don’t ever get anxiety from a blank page again so that you can produce work easily. It works with both Fiction and Non Fiction Writing!
  • Get Professional-Level results without the cost of an expensive agency. No ai writing software comes close.

Jarvis the AI Writing Assistant for your novels and books

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How does Jasper work?

  • 1. Open the Jasper Doc – Utilize over 50+ copywriting systems to decide what type of content you want produced.
  • 2. Complete the Prompt – Write a brief description about what you want Jasper to write about including product and brand info, keywords, language, and tone of voice.
  • 3. See Jasper write content – Ta da! Watch as Jasper writes high-quality, original content in a matter of seconds.

What else can I expect from it?

  • Keep your team organized with folders for your clients and multiple projects – When you write a lot of content, staying organized is key. Now it’s easy for you and your team to switch between different projects and manage multiple clients. This comes in handy when you are doing Virtual assistant work or ghostwriting.
  • Write and translate to 26 different languages – Want to write your Novels in perfect American English? Have customers in multiple countries? Jasper has many languages covered for you.  see all 26 languages Jasper knows. (this is a link that will open a new window).
  • Build Content Fast By Using Multiple Copywriting Skills In One Document – Write A Brief Description About What You Want Jasper To Write About Including Product And Brand Info, Keywords, Language, And Tone Of Voice.
  • Create Blog Posts, Stories, And Even Books With The Assistance Of Real AI – The Boss Mode Plan Unlocks The New Long-Form Assistant – The Fastest Way To Write Original Content That Captures Reader’s Attention And Google Loves. And for what I use it, It’s ai novel writing software that works!

Can I see it in action first?

Of course, take a look at these videos where Jasper is put to the test writing content and books in real time!

See Jasper In Action – Write Better Content In an Instant

How to Use Artifical Intelligence (Jasper) to Write Short Fiction in 10 Minutes without needing a Great Idea to Start

How Jasper AI Helped Write My Book Blurb In Minutes and Sold More Copies

How to use artifical intelligence (jasper) to write non fiction without even having a Good Idea to Start

P.S.: If you are not sure that a tool like this can help you as a creative writer or author. Consider this… 

Jasper and tools like it are helping writers and publishers daily, it’s currently the little secret that I want to share with authors worldwide. 

If you’re not ready for the future of writing, then you’ll have to be very soon.

Because that’s where we’re at.

The tools are evolving, and with them the process of creation.

No longer do we labor under the weight of a single typewriter ribbon or ink cartridge. We have more words at our disposal than ever before, and better ways to organize them and put them together in order to communicate with an audience that is increasingly distracted and overloaded with information vying for their attention.

That’s where Jasper comes in- as your personal A.I. assistant.

It can take care of all the little things that used to give you writer’s block (like coming up with fleshed out ideas, structure, world building, filling those once blank pages you used to stare at) so that you can focus on crafting beautiful sentences and paragraphs, and publishing work that your readers can appreciate and experience for years to come.

This is the future of writing, and it’s starting with you. So, get your free 10,000 words test today while supplies last!

Yes, I want to get my FREE test of Jasper today!

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