Ideas for fantasy story or stories (Some examples)

Your idea could be about a group of friends who decide to go on an adventure and find an ancient relic in the forest. They unlock dark powers that they never knew existed, so they have to learn how to control them before disaster strikes. You can take your story in any direction you want!

Alright, so the other idea I came up with is about a group of friends who get locked in their magic school after it closes. Something freaky starts to happen, and there’s no way out.

The story could be about a group of friends who are being chased by the government because they have unlocked powers that are dangerous to the people around them. They’re trying to stop what they’ve done before it’s too late.

I hope that you were able to find some inspiration in our ideas for a Fantasy story or stories. You are welcome to take your idea in any direction you want! If this sounds like something that interests you, feel free to reach out and we can start brainstorming together on how best to create an engaging fantasy story right here at We provide this as a service for our clients. You can reach us at

fantasy story stories faq answered
Overcoming substantial obstacles helps make a great fantasy story

What’s the best fantasy story in the world?

The best fantasy story in the world is not contained within a single book. It’s more like an interactive game, where players can choose their own adventures and create new stories that are uniquely theirs. This is called a Role Playing Game, and it’s actually where I got the idea for what I want to talk about today.

Role-playing games are like an open world with limitless possibilities. They’re especially popular with kids under sixteen, but there’s no reason adults can’t get in on the fun too! Some

It doesn’t matter if you’re into swords or sorcery; romance or mystery; heart-pounding action or heartbreaking drama—you can find it all at And because our site has something for everyone, you don’t have to worry about running out of things to read anytime soon!

The best fantasy all depends on what you experience and get out of it. There are a ton of options at, so be sure to check out our website and find the best fantasy story for you today!

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Why do we need fantasy?

It’s human nature to be curious about the unknown; to seek out new adventures and experiences. And fantasy has helped us do just that since humanity began telling stories.

Fantasy story ideas are always prevalent in fiction, no matter what genre or medium they appear in. So it should come as no surprise that there will always be a market for fantasy. helps you find your next fantasy story or stories in no time! With our keyword-based article reading system, finding the best fantasy is easy and fun.

Immersing yourself in fantasy allows you to experience new things without ever leaving home, so why not try it today?

What’s the difference between fantasy and high fantasy?

Fantasy is simply a type of fiction that takes place outside the scope of realism.

High fantasy, however, adds otherworldly elements to a story that would otherwise be set in a contemporary or historical context.

For example, you could write a series about witches and warlocks living alongside humans who have to fight against otherworldly creatures. This would be high fantasy.

But if this witch and warlock series were set during the American Civil War, it would fall under historical fiction instead of high fantasy.

Fantasy stories are always changing, so there’s never a definitive answer for what fantasy is or isn’t! But based on these definitions, high fantasy makes use of preternatural elements within the context of a real-world setting.

What is the difference between a fairy tale and fantasy?

Fantasy is simply a type of story that takes place outside the scope of realism.

Myths, legends, fairy tales, and folklore are all considered types of fantasy because they depict fantastical elements in relation to the real world. This is why many people lump these stories together under one category: They’re all about things we can’t see or touch in real life; they’re all about fantasy!

There are even lower forms of fantasy. Many people call comic books and movies fantasies because they exist in made-up worlds with alien creatures, superhuman abilities, and other fantastical elements. And there’s nothing wrong with this! Like all works of fiction, it all comes down to the writer’s intent, so if you feel like a certain type of story belongs in a fantasy category, go ahead and include it.

But even fairy tales are considered fantasies because they take place within their own unique world where fairies, witches, warlocks, giants, dwarves and sometimes people exist alongside humans. So yes, even fairy tales are types of fantasy.

How do you end a fantasy story?

The ending of a fantasy story is entirely up to you!

There are no rules for how stories must end; it’s all about what works best based on your individual writing style and the type of story you’re telling.

Some people like happy endings, while some like tragic ones, while others like more ambiguous endings where the reader has to interpret what happens next.

This is more of a personal preference than anything, so you should just go with whatever feels best to you!

There’s no right or wrong way to end a fantasy story. Just make sure the ending ties back into the themes and ideas you wanted to express throughout your fantasy story. Your readers will thank you for giving them such a great experience from it.

What are good fantasy stories?

Good fantasy stories are ones that take you outside of yourself and show you a world unlike your own.

Whether it’s the Oz books or The Lord of the Rings, good fantasy stories are engaging because they allow us to see our real lives from an entirely new perspective. This is why so many writers are turning towards this genre for inspiration.

Themes like coming of age, confronting one’s fears and learning how to be happy again (which we see in The Chronicles of Narnia) can really help us relate to fantasy stories on a deeper level.

All good fantasy stories have strong symbolism and they teach us something about ourselves or the world around us.

Fantasy isn’t just a genre. It’s a form of expression that teaches us valuable lessons about life and gives us insight into who we are as humans.

What’s a good fantasy book for teens?

Fantasy books are enjoyed by all ages, but there is a specific genre of young adult fantasy that is especially captivating. This is because it hits on the core themes most relevant to teenagers:

It helps teenagers understand their place in this world and where they fit into society. This is why fantasy is such a popular genre for young adults; it teaches them important life lessons while still captivating their imaginations. has a range of stories you can check out for teens and young adults.

What’s the difference between high and low fantasy?

High fantasy takes place in worlds that are alternate to our own, but they can’t really be called alien because there tend to be otherworldly creatures or sentient beings within them. There’s a certain ambiguity to high fantasy because it blurs the lines between what is and isn’t real in this world.

In low fantasy, on the other hand, everything simply revolves around human emotions and motivations. These stories are much more realistic in their depictions because the fantastical elements within them exist strictly for storytelling purposes.

Some examples of high fantasy include The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings series. In each one, you have humans coming together to defeat a formidable antagonist or evil force that threatens the entire world they live in.

In low fantasy stories like A Series of Unfortunate Events and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the fantastical elements are present but they don’t necessarily affect the plot. Instead, these fantasy elements simply serve to give an added element of whimsy and intrigue to each story.

Does this website have short fantasy bedtime stories?

Yes! has short fantasy stories you can read to your children, so the answer is yes.

You can click on any of the category links at the top of this page and select bedtime stories for kids. Right away you’ll see a list of stories that are specifically designed for children who want something to help them fall asleep.

This is a great resource for parents who want to give their children something entertaining and positive to focus on before bedtime.

Do fantasy stories need to be realistic? No! Fantasy stories don’t need to be realistic in order for them to still make sense or feel believable.

In fact, most good fantasy stories tend to take place in worlds that are entirely different from our own and they rely on rules and ethical systems that don’t exist within the reality we know.

More often than not, fantasy is defined by its otherworldly elements and human characters who learn life lessons while trying to solve a problem or challenge. Nothing about this genre requires realism to work, so the answer is no.

In what ways does fantasy differ from science fiction?

Science fiction often takes place in far off or seemingly impossible futures where new technologies allow people to do things that would be considered miraculous by today’s standards.

The difference between science fiction and fantasy comes down to believability; most good fantasy stories aren’t set in the future, which is what defines science fiction.

Within fantasy stories, you’ll find telepathy, shapeshifting and superhuman powers that are often outside the realm of possibility for most people today. Science fiction stories are more focused on these futuristic gadgets or miraculous science-based discoveries that make things possible instead of fantastical attributes that aren’t grounded in today’s world.

If you’re looking for fantasy stories that are firmly rooted in what is possible, check out the fantasy and science fiction section on which has plenty of great selections to choose from!

What is science fantasy?

Science fantasy is a unique category of story that involves elements from both science fiction and fantasy.

These stories tend to take place in the future with a heavy reliance on technology or scientific breakthroughs, but they also have fantastical elements like magic and superhuman powers.

An example of a story like this is the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. The first instalment begins in New York City, but it’s soon revealed that there’s much more to the story. Upon meeting some other children, Percy learns that he’s only human and not Greek. These children are demigods sent on quests by an ancient Greek god named Zeus.

There are plenty of fantasy stories with futuristic elements or science fiction within them, but not all of these stories are classified as science fantasy.

It has become increasingly popular for today’s authors to marry humour and fantasy together, which makes this genre so unique and interesting to read!

Many people refer to stories like this as sci-fi fantasy which is a term you’ll often find in popular media when talking about this type of fiction.

Some examples of sci-fi/fantasy stories include The Matrix trilogy, Ironman and Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you’re looking for science fiction or fantasy stories that blend both elements into a unique style (such as science fantasy), check out the many different selections available on!

Where can I get a good fantasy story plot generator service? provides such services in the form of fantasy story plot generators that can be utilized by contacting me at These stories are crafted based on well-known tropes and will help you get started if you need an idea for a new project or if you simply want to experience great writing.

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How to start writing a good fantasy story?

You’ll need to start with a basic idea of what you plan to write; is it going to be about dragons, faeries or something else entirely? Once you have an idea in mind you can start thinking about your setting.

By picking an interesting location like the deep seas or another planet, you’ll immediately draw the reader’s attention to your setting.

Next, think about the characters that will be involved in this story; do you want to feature humans, goblins or other fantasy creatures?

There are plenty of fantasy stories out there with humans as the main characters, but these stories can sometimes feel stale. By including different types of races you’ll help keep things exciting and fresh.

Once you know what you’re writing about and where it’s taking place, you’ll need to decide on a general plot that will fit the location and characters that are involved in this story.

If you’re struggling, try starting with an easy fantasy story plan generator! This tool provides suggestions for plots, settings and many other aspects and can help you pinpoint what your story should feature. It’s a great way to get started if you’re planning on writing fantasy stories!

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Does this website have good dark fantasy stories?

As mentioned above, fantasy stories can deal with many different topics and genres.

Some authors love to create dark fantasy stories that explore the depths of human depravity and the evil that lurks within our hearts. Other people enjoy creating modern-day sagas where magic is a concept slowly coming into fruition in our world today.

There is no one type of fantasy story that’s better than the other. Instead, it’s all about variety and what kind of experience you’re looking for when reading a story.

If you’re into fantasy stories with witches and wizards, then check out the book The Enixar – The Sorcerer’s Conquest by Mikkell K Khan which is available on!

It’s all about knowing your audience and what you want to read next. If you know some of your friends love fantasy stories that are dark and full of mayhem, then recommend them these books!

Where can I find a good fantasy stories podcast? actually has great fantasy stories for you to listen to via our podcast stream (The Mind of Khan Podcast). It’s available on Anchor and other platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify.

Where can I read fantasy short stories online? has a variety of fantasy short stories online that you can read right now!

Some of the stories available on this website are a bit dark, while others focus more on humour. Many of these short stories have been written with something for everyone in mind – but you’ll definitely find some great fantasy fiction that’s suitable for any reader here!

Where can I read short fantasy story with moral lesson?

Most stories are suitable for younger audiences, so they’re perfect if you’re trying to find fantasy stories with a moral lesson!

For example, the fantasy story The God-King of Felinhand deals with loss and what that can do to someone’s mental health, and how they can look forward to improving it.

It’s up to the reader whether or not they relate this experience to something that’s happened in their own lives, but the story does teach us an important lesson about dealing with our feelings!