Chapter 8

After giving the matter some thought, you decide to go back to sleep.

Your training sessions have doubled in intensity since your promotion to Secundus and you often find yourself feeling thoroughly drained.

You reason that the Minorus, being little more than children, were easily occupied and it would be simple enough to slip away from them for a few minutes during the morning meal to return the book. No one would ever know.

Reaffirming your faith in your original plan, you settle back into bed and begin the meditation ritual taught to you six years ago when you were first brought in for training by the Master. In under a minute you are slipping back into unconsciousness when you receive a strange sensation.

You feel, rather than hear, someone calling your name once more.


The call sounds more distant this time, the sensation barely registering, whereas the last instance had sent a jolt through your consciousness.

What do you do?

> Remain in bed. [ Chapter 10 ]

> Investigate. [ Chapter 9 ]