Chapter 2

It is time to stop being ridiculous and paranoid.

Doors probably got left ajar all the time and the Master never found out about it… Right?

Gathering your courage, you take a couple of steps forward at a normal pace and then swiftly turn around, eyes darting around the room. After a few tense moments, after which absolutely nothing happens, you begin to calm down.

Crossing swiftly to the bookshelf you remove the book from inside your shirt and reach up to place it back on the shelf. As your turn to leave, something strikes you as odd and you turn once more towards the shelf.

Shouldn’t there be more tomes on-

A feeling of intense, numbing cold spreads rapidly from the middle of your back wresting control of your own body from you. A second later, you crumple to the floor in a heap.

Years of training allows you to recognize the sensation of a well-cast Paralysis Spell.

The sound of approaching footsteps causes you to try in vain to turn your head. Someone makes a dismissive, disapproving noise and then speaks softly.

“Such a shame,” Naema’s voice says, “had you not been so utterly foolhardy, you might have survived this night…”

There is a flash of scarlet at the edge of your vision and the numbing effects of her spell end.

You try to scramble to your feet, but there is a strange weakness in your limbs, a searing pain in your neck, and a hot liquid sensation spilling across your front.

You manage to roll onto your back and emit a weak, wet gurgling cough as your vision fades.

The last thing you see is Naema stepping over you to retrieve the tome…


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