Top 5 Fantasy Books to Read This November

The month of November is pretty exciting for fantasy lovers due to a large number of spectacular books available for exploration. If you’re looking for some new titles to commit to, the following list may provide some inspiration.

Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire

Night and Silence is the 12th book in the October Daye series. If you’re unfamiliar with these volumes, here’s an opportunity to enjoy 12 books in the romantic fantasy genre.

The book continues from where the 11th instalment left off. Toby is still a central character and the plot revolves around a number of new mysteries that she’ll have to solve (if she’s emotionally strong enough to handle them).

About the Author: Seanan McGuire is a US-based author who is particularly adept in the urban fantasy genre. A fan of horror movies, McGuire is also known for her specific sense of humor. She’s the author of the October Daye and InCryptid series, as well as the Parasitology duology and Newsflesh trilogy.

What People Are Saying about It: The Night and Silence reviews are predominantly positive. According to reviewers, McGuire knows how to raise the stakes, meaning that even the 12th instalment in the series is still fresh and exciting.

Read This Book if: you can keep up with a lengthy story and can become emotionally committed enough to feel disappointed by trilogies and smaller series.

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Timeless: A Drizzt Novel by R.A. Salvatore 

The first book in the Drizzt trilogy is an epic fantasy about a young weapon master who lived centuries ago. Timeless also highlights the beginning of a memorable friendship and builds a world that the reader gets to explore through the eyes of these two friends – Zaknafein and Jarlaxle.

About the Author: R.A. Salvatore is a New York Times best-selling author who has sold over 20 million books across the globe. Based in Massachusetts, Salvatore began writing shortly after graduating from college. He quickly established his reputation as a prolific writer in the modern epic fantasy genre.

What People Are Saying about It: Timeless is perceived as a book that has its moments of brilliance. In order to ensure full comprehension, however, readers need to be familiar with Drizzt Do’Urden from other Salvatore works.

Read This Book if: you already are a Salvatore fan and you’re familiar with Drizzt. 

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Hidden Sun by Jaine Fenn 

An eccentric noblewoman and scientist embarks on a journey in a hostile environment following the disappearance of her brother. The journey leads to a conflict with a young rebel, numerous dangers along the road and an adventure of a lifetime that will change the protagonist forever.

About the Author: Jaine Fenn is known for her first book Principles of Angels that became the first entry in the Hidden Empire series. In 2016, Fenn won the BSFA Short Fiction award. Today, she’s equally committed to writing fantasy books and developing intriguing plots for video games.

What People Are Saying about It: the book is still quite new and fresh, which means that the number of reviews is limited. Still, those who received advanced copies and dedicated fans report that the world building in this book is outstanding. Each character has a distinctive voice, as well. Some of the passages do tend to get quite descriptive, which fans of fast-paced action were not that keen on.

Read This Book if: read Hidden Sun if you like to completely immerse yourself in a fantasy world and the stories that make characters tick. Keep in mind that some heavier topics are discussed in the book (violence, including sexual violence against women) and if you’re sensitive to such topics, you should avoid this Fenn work.

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The Queen of Crows by Myke Cole

The second book in The Sacred Throne trilogy became available in late September 2018. The epic fantasy continues the story of Heloise who stands against tyranny and crippling injuries to continue the journey towards greatness. She has evolved quite a lot from the first instalment, finding her inner strength and heading a revolution against the Order.

About the Author: from counterterrorism to cyber warfare and federal law enforcement, Myke Cole has had a prolific and diversified career. He served in Iraq and saw the conflict of war first-hand. A lot of the experience that Cole has served as inspiration for his well-received fantasy works.

What People Are Saying about It: fans of The Armored Saint (the first book in the trilogy) are a tough crowd to please because all of them were immediately drawn by the first book. The hyper-realistic action and empowered heroine quickly made fans fall in love. According to reviewers, the flow of the action continues seamlessly in The Queen of Crows. Some, however, report that the beginning is a bit weak in comparison to the immediately captivating first book.

Read This Book if: you like a strong female lead and a lot of action. In order to make the most of The Queen of Crows, however, you’ll first need to acquaint yourself with The Armored Saint. 

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Port of Shadows: A Chronicle of the Black Company by Glen Cook 

Anyone looking for a darker fantasy book in October should give this one a try. Port of Shadows is a part of The Chronicles of the Black Company series. The book is a deviation from the other Black Company works in terms of style. It does not focus on battles and action as much as it does paint a psychological tale. Is intense character development your thing? If so, give Port of Shadows a try.

About the Author: Glen Charles Cook is best known for the Black Company fantasy series. The original Black Company book was published in 1984 and following its success, Cook developed the series following the life and adventures of the elite mercenaries. Ever since, the Black Company has turned into a cult classic.

What People Are Saying about It: anyone who is expecting a book similar to the original Black Company will be disappointed. As already mentioned, Port of Shadows is a deviation from Cook’s typical style. Some have hated the fact, while others were enamored by the deeper look that the author takes at the favorite characters.

Read This Book if: you are a huge fan of the Black Company series or you don’t really care about it. Fans will see something different that they’ll either love or hate. Those who were indifferent to previous Cook works will glimpse at another fantasy style that they could potentially fall in love with.

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