The Enixar: The Sorcerer’s Conquest

Meriaus paced his study, considering his next decision…

His Lord, the unknown entity from beyond his wildest dreams, is his saviour, his mentor, and the person who made him the man he is today.

He gave the lands, the people, all they ever wanted and desired and even more than that…

He gave them hope….

The lands were ravaged by the ruling dynasties for centuries, to the point that all Meriaus’ parents knew was war.

But then that all changed when HE came.

No one knows for sure if he was anointed by the God’s or forged from the fires of the Underworld when he arrived.

But, all they know is that when he arrived, within a year, the fighting was over.

And using his mystical powers to enhance the countryside, he became known as the Sorcerer King.

Meriaus remembered the stories his parents would tell him of a time before and now during his rule. Smiling gratefully at the thought.

Up to the day they both passed from this world and left him in squireship of the Lord. An honour for any family.

He knew the ruler was magical, reigning over the land for eighty strong years and ageing much slower than the average mortal.

Meriaus looked up to his King, but he knew there was something hidden within him.

He came from a meeting with the Monks of the Mountains, their answer for submission to the Lord was not one he would be pleased with.

He pondered… how would his Leader react?

Would he be merciful as he has been since the end of the wars?

Or perhaps today would be the moment where he would see the mystic strength of his Lord, and what he kept hidden away from the world.

A darkness… waiting to be unleashed…