The Enixar: Solitude of Sin

“What did I get himself into?” Ruil thought.

He glanced around his surroundings.

To one side, lay his mission, to save the Princess and Queen from the Rebels, what he was instructed to do.

To the next, his king awaited word.

To go back would be to admit failure, and definite punishment.

Surely, he would meet the same fate with the Rebels when they caught up with him.

Was it all worth it?

A simple stable boy recruited for a secret mission to retrieve the King’s wife, and his only daughter… the heir to the

All because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time… and also for his power. His special power that would keep
them both safe.

But now he questioned it. Separated from his whole team after a surprise attack, he felt it was over before it started.

Was it all worth it? Was she worth it?

Their brief interaction showed him what she was capable of. She was fair, kind and strong. And now she needed his help.

He would have to fight, kill and possible die in the process. A fool’s errand.

Or he would have to slip into the rebel base, embrace their code, abide with their ways, become one of… them.

Both realities turned his stomach.

He heard them approaching. Heading towards his position with intent. He knew he had to make a decision.

He would go in and possibly not come out the same person.

He would keep his intentions secret, no matter what, in this Solitude of Sin.

Was it all worth it? Was she worth it?

Yes, she was…